They are both positive numbers. I want to see if, when subtract, do they
equal a negative number?

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On Sun, 16 Jul 2006, Dave W wrote:

> Currently I have this:
> if($quant > $amount) {echo "You don't have that many!"; }
> $quant is the user inputted amount and $amount is the amount that they
> actually have. Is there any way of checking if the result is negative
> than doing what I have above?

  I'm not sure which "result" you are refering to, but this echo's if:
     $quant is greater than $amount
     $amount is less than 0
     $quant is less than 0

  if ($quant > $amount or $amount < 0 or $quant < 0) {
     echo "You don't have that many!";

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