On 17 July 2006 01:07, Dave W wrote:

> No, I get it. I just thought that there might have been some built in
> function like if(neg_num($quant - $amount))
> or something like that. I know how to do it, but I thought
> that there might
> have been an alternate method. Just because I asked a simple question
> doesn't mean I'm stupid, I'm just curious if there is a
> simpler way to do an
> already simple task.

The absolute simplest way to do this is what you originally had.  I would not 
look further than

    if ($quant<$amount)
       // $quant-$amount is negative

If I were reading your code, I would find both if(($quant-$amount)<0) and 
if(neg_num($quant-$amount)) more obfuscating than if($quant<$amount).



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