Hello again,

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Chris wrote:

In the error log I can see this: Use of undefined constant is_admin - assumed 'is_admin' in /path_to_file.

I bet you have something like:


You need quotes around that, or else (as you've seen) php thinks it's a constant:


A really quick and dodgy fix would be to turn error reporting down - but you should fix it properly.

That fixed the error. Thank you very much!

I am still not able to log in. I am sure this is not the issue of me entering wrong login/password.

This is the code in the program that uses authorization:

if ( eregi('/admin/',$REQUEST_URI) || eregi('/workers/',$REQUEST_URI) )

if(!isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) || !$id_worker=getWorkerID($PHP_AUTH_USER, $PHP_AUTH_PW))
Header( "WWW-authenticate: basic realm='Workers of SGM only'");
                Header( "HTTP/1.0  401  Unauthorized");
echo "You must enter a valid login ID and password to access this system\n";

If by any chance you see an error somewhere here, I will appreciate further comments.

Many thanks again for such a prompt reply!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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