I guess you will still need to get the whole texts, but do the selecting
befores displaying results. There are functions to to select an amount of
text of certain lenght, starting at certain point of the string.

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Not really sure if this is possible.

I am using a fulltext search to search through very large entries. Basically
an entry might contain 200,000 words, which are searched for exact matches.

What I want to do is SELECT, say, the 300 words surrounding the exact match
from the 200,000 word entry and pass it to a PHP script, rather than
passing the entire 200,000 words to the script.

Am I explaining myself clearly? In other words I want to limit the amount of
text SELECTed, so that I am not wasting memory, etc, by passing huge
strings to PHP.

Is it possible? I've done a lot of looking, but the MySQL documentation is
pretty limited on fulltext. If it is possible, can anyone give me a rough
idea of how to go about it?

The end result would be the sort of contextual search text results that you
get in a Google search.

Many thanks


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