Peter Karlsson wrote:
.... but it runs fine in 4.1.20. In .10 I get an error message about unknown column c. I built the sql with help from the comments from the MySQL website manual and have to admit that I don't fully understand it all ;). Is there a way to solve this without upgrading the server?

SELECT DISTINCT, O.header, O.state, O.prio, O.publication_date, O.user_id, MATCH (C.body) AGAINST ('mysearch') AS relevance FROM texts AS C JOIN jobs AS O ON WHERE O.paper_id = 1 AND MATCH (c.body) AGAINST('+mysearch' IN BOOLEAN MODE) HAVING relevance > 0.2 ORDER BY relevance DESC

You have the cases mixed up (sql is case sensitive in different areas).

You have

FROM texts AS C


MATCH(c.body) AGAINST(...)

Try changing the second match against to be C.body instead..

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