At 12:26 PM 1/21/2007, Denis L. Menezes wrote:

Dear friends.

I have a date field in mysql called event_end .

I want to run a query to find all records where the event_and is greater
than today's date. I have written the following code. It does not work.
Please point out the mistake.

$today = getdate();
 $sql="select * from events where event_end>'.$today.' order by event_start
Asc ";


How is your date formatted in the database.

Compare that to the format returned by getdate(), then consider using date('Y-m-d'). That's assuming your MySQL date is stored as yyyy-mm-dd.

Nonetheless, this should set you on the right road.

It would also have helped your diagnosis if you echoed your SQL statement.

Cheers - Miles Thompson

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