Don't know of a suitable XML database to use with PHP, but I could
recommend using Oracle 10g.  There are built in XML services that should
help with your project.  Furthermore, PHP has a well documented Oracle
interface (OCI8) just for this.  To handle the XML though, you would
probably need to get to grips with PL/SQL, Oracle's own stored procedure
and trigger language.  And the best part, you could use OracleXE for
free, although it only gives you a database with up to 4GB user data, up
to 1GB of RAM and use of only one processor in a multi-processor


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Hello all

As part of my research under my professor I have to implement a web
interface to their benchmarking data.

PHP is the chosen web language but we are little worried about the
database. The benchmark data comes to us in XML format (e.g. 
We have to implement an interface to query them, get data, update etc.

We even can change schema in the form of attributes. . The data size
would be around 100 MB each XML with around 100 different XMLs.

The load would be max 5-10 users any given time, batch updates once a
month and heavy load prolly 2-3 times a month. Mission criticality is
not important, we can get it down sometimes. Which db would you suggest?

i did google research and as of now - I like eXist, Sedna (they seem to
have good PHP wrapper support) and TImber.

Any suggestions?


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