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"Ritesh Nadhani" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 01/26/2007 05:48:27 PM:

> Writing our own parsing thing is out of question. The group has
> finalised to use a proper DB rather then writing our own code.
> Moreover, we believe that the code written by a good DB engine would
> be much more efficient then writing our own module and we are no
> database experts :)
> So now its a question of which XML DB to use. After 
> Christophers mail,
> we would give Oracle a run in next weeks.
> Lets see....

pureXML in DB2 v9 may be an option to explore. It treats XML as a native 
data type.  You could load in the benchmark data XML
and query it with SQL to get your reports.

Look for the free Express-C edition and use the new PECL extension ibm_db2 
(not the odbc_* functions).

DB2 9: pureXML Guide

DB2 XML (pureXML) wiki

DB2 Express-C

Daniel Krook
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