What I am trying to achieve is this,

>From the results table, when the user clicks on the last column of the row
which has a label "Details" of a particular item. A pop up window opens and
has some description and contact number which comes from the database.

I have a database with 8 columns but at first I display only 6. And I give
an option of "Details" on each column. If user clicks on this the the
remaining 2 columns are displayed on a separate pop up window.

How to achieve this in php. The database is ready ( it wasnt tough, just two
columns added). Am even able to open the pop up window but now I want to
retrieve the remaining 2 columns. Here is the initial code :

@mysql_select_db($dbName ) or die( "Sorry But There Seems To Be A Problem
Connecting To The Database");

$query="SELECT * FROM table WHERE name = '$name' ORDER BY level ASC";



while ($i < $num) {


echo "
<td>$shopname </td>
<td>$category </td>
<td>$subcategory </td>
<td>$level </td>
<td> javascript:poptastic( Details </td>

What can be approaches to achieve this.

Many thanks in advance.

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