I think you embed picture path to a table. This is very easy solution 
to using picture. in your code you close the your mysql connection and after 
this you call the mysql_result. if you close the connection before call the 
result, it happen a problem. You cannot call result set after close the 
connection. You should close the connection all of process.:))
       if you call the picture in HTML with img tag. in your code if you 
change the echo line like this echo "<img  src =\"$logos \">, you will see 
the picture:)

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"Chris Carter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> I have a field in database called "logos" which has one value
> "images/logos/some_logo.jpg"
> In my php I am trying to call it in my php file as image. With this code.
> $sno = $_REQUEST['sno'];
> $query="SELECT logos FROM table WHERE sno = '$sno'";
> $result=mysql_query($query);
> $num=mysql_numrows($result);
> mysql_close();
> $logos=mysql_result($result,$i,"logos");
> echo "
> <div>
> <p> $logos </p>
> </div>";
> ?></div>
> But getting errors. What is the way to call image in php file from the
> database. I know that this is a very basic question but first time for me. 
> I
> ignored this in the begining but now its right infront of me.
> Please advice.
> Chris
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