I ask this as I do not have two web sites on different servers to test at the moment. Does it work to use an include function in the php code on one site that calls a function on the other site? If you include a file on a remote server that runs a function, where does the function run - on the server where the function is originally written or on the calling server? I am thinking that if I write code, it is one way to make the functionality available without actually disposing of the source code itself.

So the included functions might be variable values. Eg you could pass back a whole calendar to the calling server, which then just prints on the calling web site just by printing the returned variable. (I know that in terms of getting data to mark up the calendar the database would need to be fully referenced: user, password, server, and the calling (shared) host for instance will ask for the remote IP address to add to a white list.)


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