thanks for your reply. that's what i figured using common sense, but that's not always the case with software.

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Tony Miceli wrote:
wouldn't that be very dangerous if someone could grab my code and run it on their server?

Yeh, pretty dangerous. That's how c99shell and a bunch of other scripts work.

i'm an intermediate php guy at best. for many reasons i would not want someone including my files and running them on another server!!! i hope there's no easy way to do that!!!!!

If they are named with an extension that isn't parsed by php (eg .txt), then they will be executed on another server.

If they are parsed by php (ie .php) then including them remotely won't work - it will include whatever your php script spits out (eg html).

btw if files are outside of the route directory then that means only the local files can all them and execute them, right??


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