Matt Anderton wrote:
I have a kind-of off topic rookie question:

most programmers have a web portfolio right?  -- a URI to put on their
resume that has examples of their work.  what do employers expect to see if
they ask for such an example? a working web app? links to multiple working
web apps?  actual code?

Actual code I suspect - a recent code snippet (make sure you're not breaking any current work agreements etc - ie send in something you've written for yourself, not for your current job).

I am dying to break into PHP/MySQL programming and have gotten a nibble from
an employer who is asking for such a URI.  I don't have any professional
programming experience, but have several small projects that I would like an
interested employer to see.  what is the best way to present it/them?  just
a link to one of my finished projects?  can an experienced programmer get a
strong enough sense of how I code by looking at the end result (probably a
dumb question)?

No. My design skills are absolutely horrible but my php skills are reasonably decent ;)

Send those urls as well (it can't hurt) but I think they would be more interested in the actual code.

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