Matt Anderton wrote:
awesome guys.  thanks a lot.  one thing I think I DO have going for me --
true I have only flown solo, never worked on a team, but my current project
was designed entirely to someone else's specs.  I knew there would be lots
of changes as it went along and I think I did a decent job of working in
some basic OOP so I would only have to make changes once.

I guess what I still don't get is how do I go about "exposing" the code for
it? it is a live web site -- I don't want the average visitor to see chunks
of code all over the place.  do I put up a separate copy on a separate
website? point the employer to the real deal first, then give him a link to
a "behind the scenes" version?  and then what?  just throw in "<pre>" tags
-- "this is how I did this part"?

Just email him a file or two, much easier :)

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