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Okay, now with the isset and var_dump in place within the login.php script,
I get the output of what I typed into the Log On page.
All this output is 'premeal' for the login.php script.

So then the PHP "Notice's" are just something to know the PHP parser is
seeing a empty, undescriptive container and is throwing a "hey, look at this
it may not be normal" when the login.php script is run by itself in the
browser.  You are thinking its not a problem and will not lead to any
problems.  If this is the case then thankyou Dimiter.

Yes that's the purpose of notices.
From the php manual :

"Run-time notices. Indicate that the script encountered something that
could indicate an error, but could also happen in the normal course of
running a script."


You may comment/remove the var_dump, it's only for debugging purposes.
You don't need it anymore.

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