it seem the poster already have the answer..
what he/she going to do was how to save username and pass on session.

thx for your help
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> [ taking php-windows out again :P ]
> bedul wrote:
> > the problem is right here (said on error msg):
> > session_register("myusername"); session_register("mypassword");
> >
> > u should use session_register("myusername") after declare the name.
> > i taken from my php chm
> >
> > It is currently impossible to register resource variables in a session.
For example, you cannot create a connection to a database and store the
connection id as a session variable and expect the connection to still be
valid the next time the session is restored. PHP functions that return a
resource are identified by having a return type of resource in their
function definition. A list of functions that return resources are available
in the resource types appendix.
> >
> > if you understand what statement above.. conguration, if not.. don't
shock.. me either.
> You can't store database connections in a session.
> Ie you can't:
> $connection = mysql_connect(....);
> $_SESSION['DbConnection'] = $connection;
> because the HTTP protocol (and thus PHP) is stateless - you don't know
> where the next connection is coming from or even if there is another
> connection coming.
> If there is another HTTP request, you have no way of linking request '1'
> (where the database connection was set up) to request '47' in the chain.
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