Jason Cartledge wrote:
Hello, I have a problem connecting to an Oracle XE database. Here is my code 
and the output.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/www/test cat testoci.php
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/www/test
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/www/test  php testoci.php

Logon OK

When I navigate to http://localhost/test/testoci.php however I see "DB Error: 
connect failed"

My /etc/php5/cli/php.ini and my /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini have the 
extension=oci8.so line in them.

When I view the information from phpinfo() for the cli and apache2 execution, 
it says (this one printed from the cli version)

text emails don't have a right/left column (please don't send us html emails either) - but there would be something different between the two.

Or - are you running the same file?


echo 'I am here ' . dirname(__FILE__) . '<br/>';

to the top of your script and make sure it's exactly the same file - if you see it in one version and not the other, that will be your problem..

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