Tony Grimes wrote:
Splitting the tables probably wouldn't work. Most of the tables are used by
both sites and the ones that aren't are tied to the rest by foreign keys.

Most of the updates are done from the admin site, so we're toying with the
idea of creating a read-only data warehouse for the website. The sync would
be one way from main office db to the warehouse (say, every 10 minutes).

No need to create something that has already been done.

Use slony or something to replicate the database.

Any updates the website does (like an event registration or profile update)
would be done remotely to the office db. In this scheme the website db would
be 10 minutes behind. We can live with that.

When you do a registration, get it to use a remote database connection instead of the 'local' one.

$local_connection = pg_connect('localhost....');

$remote_connection = pg_connect('remote_server_ip....');

$remote_result = pg_query($remote_connection, $query);

Doing everything by remote connection would be easier, but we're worried
about the performance.

The only way to find out would be to test it really. As long as you have a decent connection in to the office and a decent connection on the remote end and aren't pulling through a ridiculous amount of data in queries (eg pulling through 50,000 records when you only really need 10), you should be fine.

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