Thank you all for the responses. I think we're going to try replicating the
databases with Slony. Wish me luck!


On 10/11/07 6:23 PM, "Chris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Tony Grimes wrote:
>> Splitting the tables probably wouldn't work. Most of the tables are used by
>> both sites and the ones that aren't are tied to the rest by foreign keys.
>> Most of the updates are done from the admin site, so we're toying with the
>> idea of creating a read-only data warehouse for the website. The sync would
>> be one way from main office db to the warehouse (say, every 10 minutes).
> No need to create something that has already been done.
> Use slony or something to replicate the database.
>> Any updates the website does (like an event registration or profile update)
>> would be done remotely to the office db. In this scheme the website db would
>> be 10 minutes behind. We can live with that.
> When you do a registration, get it to use a remote database connection
> instead of the 'local' one.
> $local_connection = pg_connect('localhost....');
> $remote_connection = pg_connect('remote_server_ip....');
> $remote_result = pg_query($remote_connection, $query);
>> Doing everything by remote connection would be easier, but we're worried
>> about the performance.
> The only way to find out would be to test it really. As long as you have
> a decent connection in to the office and a decent connection on the
> remote end and aren't pulling through a ridiculous amount of data in
> queries (eg pulling through 50,000 records when you only really need
> 10), you should be fine.

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