Unless you are using a text field (which holds 64K [mysql]) a normal varchar 
maxs out at 255 characters
Post is limited by the php.ini file amounts (usually in the megabyte range).
what is the size of the post?
Bastien> Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 10:41:15 -0400> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: 
php-db@lists.php.net> Subject: [PHP-DB] php maximum characters in text field> > 
Is there a maximum number of character $_POST will/can return from a> text 
field. I have an online form that was driving me nuts trying to> troubleshoot, 
as most orders were coming in fine, but this one would> not. I narrowed down to 
the length of the "customer description" field> which has no limits on the form 
or in the database. I was told there> was a limit to how much $_POST could 
return. Can someone advise?> > > > Thanks!> > Trish> 
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