It isn't sending to MySql, we use FileMaker Pro 9. A new record did not get 
made in the d'base... the confirmation email went out, but wherever info was 
supposed to kick back from the d'base (ie. Order number), it showed an 
"undefined variable" error.

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> I am starting to believe it is NOT the character length that is causing the 
> problem. We have received other orders with more in it than that, and they 
> came in ok. I think there may be something in the input that php does not 
> like. I've been searching for code that will "clean up" input, possibly 
> preg_replace?

Was the order received, but the text was shorter than expected?
Or was the order not "received" at all?

Check your mysql query log.  It may show failed queries where bad characters 
made the query fail, perhaps using ' or "?
Use mysql_real_escape_string.
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