Hi Jason,

There are a couple ways you could do this. Yes, this would make it a relational database.

If you go with a second table, you'll want to be sure to include the UID from the main address table in the "SnowBirds" table so that they are linked. The UID in the second table would actually be a foreign key that links it to the main address table. It could also act as the primary key of the "SnowBirds" table since it will be unique. The other importance for this relationship of the UID is that if you delete a person and their address from the main table, you'll probably want to delete their seasonal address, too.

You may also want to have a binary column in your main address table to indicate to your PHP script whether or not to look for another address in the SnowBirds tables. I would do this so that you aren't wasting an SQL query if it isn't needed. May not be a big deal if you have limited tables, but as list of queries increase, there is no need for extra queries.

You could add a start date and end date column the "SnowBirds" database. Sounds like for your purposes that is a good idea.

If you I missed anything or you have more specific questions, feel free to email me on or off list.


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Jason Pruim wrote:
********I sent this to the MySQL list but didn't receive any response, My apologies if you have already received this.

Hi Everyone,

So having learned my lesson with the last application, I am trying to
plan out the addition of a feature to my database application.
Basically, some of my customers go south for the winter ("Snow
Birds") what I would like to do is have away of storing both their
addresses in the database, and have it so that the people
administering the list can choose between wether they are up north or
down south without having to erase the old address.

For that I was thinking creating a second table "SnowBirds" and list
their southern addresses in there and then when the list admin clicks
on the edit button for their name, it would also be able to pull up a
list of the the addresses stored and associated with that person.

I'm also considering adding a date range for the addresses so that if
they know they'll be south from November to March it will check the
date and switch between the record accordingly BEFORE exporting to

Now... I haven't really asked a question yet but gave some background
into what I want to do. Sooooo... Here's the question, does anyone
have any advice on the best way to do it? Am I right in thinking that
a second table is required? Would it be called a Relational database?
Or have I missed the terminology?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for looking!

ohhh... and in case it makes a difference it's MySQL 5.* and I'll be
writing the stuff to access that database with php 5.


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