I think I understand what you are saying here... On the main table just list the persons name and then on a second table use a 1 to many relationship on a foreign key to link all the addresses into the name? Or did I miss the mark? :)

On Oct 24, 2007, at 9:30 AM, Bastien Koert wrote:

I would approach this by having a main people table (with a unique id of course) and then create a second addresses table which uses the people Id key as the foreign key to this table...then you can have multiple (more than two) addresses for those users, you could add a season in the addresses to be able to pull the correct one based on date


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> Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 09:06:29 -0400
> Subject: [PHP-DB] Question about database design
> ********I sent this to the MySQL list but didn't receive any
> response, My apologies if you have already received this.
> Hi Everyone,
> So having learned my lesson with the last application, I am trying to
> plan out the addition of a feature to my database application.
> Basically, some of my customers go south for the winter ("Snow
> Birds") what I would like to do is have away of storing both their
> addresses in the database, and have it so that the people
> administering the list can choose between wether they are up north or
> down south without having to erase the old address.
> For that I was thinking creating a second table "SnowBirds" and list
> their southern addresses in there and then when the list admin clicks > on the edit button for their name, it would also be able to pull up a
> list of the the addresses stored and associated with that person.
> I'm also considering adding a date range for the addresses so that if
> they know they'll be south from November to March it will check the
> date and switch between the record accordingly BEFORE exporting to
> excel.
> Now... I haven't really asked a question yet but gave some background
> into what I want to do. Sooooo... Here's the question, does anyone
> have any advice on the best way to do it? Am I right in thinking that > a second table is required? Would it be called a Relational database?
> Or have I missed the terminology?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks for looking!
> ohhh... and in case it makes a difference it's MySQL 5.* and I'll be
> writing the stuff to access that database with php 5.
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Jason Pruim
Raoset Inc.
Technology Manager
MQC Specialist
3251 132nd ave
Holland, MI, 49424

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