Hi All!
This is to write wiki code and insert near some dinamic link some names  
of "tracks", the dinamic link is generated but I don't know the way to change 
the var  "$TITOLO1" to "$TITOLO2" for retrive the next records 

I have in database:
TITOLO1 Pippo1
TITOLO2 Pippo2
TITOLO3 Pippo3
TITOLO4 Pippo4
TITOLO5 Pippo5
TITOLO6 Pippo6
TITOLO7 Pippo7
TITOLO8 Pippo8
TITOLO9 Pippo9

$NTRACK = 3;
$count = 1;
while ($count <= $NTRACK) {
  echo "$count
#[[http://$LA_BEL/A/download.php?download=$LRA$count $TITOLO1]]<br />";

now I receive all but I don't know how to do to change the var "$TITOLO1" to 
+1 like to "TITOLO2" at every cycle.
1 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=161 Pippo1]]
2 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=162 Pippo1]]
3 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=163 Pippo1]]

I would like to make/see:
1 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=161 Pippo1]]
2 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=162 Pippo2]] <---
3 #[[http://9records.com/A/download.php?download=163 Pippo3]] <---

Suggestions, matches,?
Thanks respect
Yours donkey
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http://www.mbg.it | http://www.9Records.com
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