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> Hello
> It seems that the normal mysql_query doesn't error when an sql command
> forces the server to truncate the data. The mysql server executes the
> sql and provides a warning but it still executes the sql so allowing php
> to ignore the fact that there is a warning. You can run another sql
> command "SHOW COUNT(*) WARNINGS" after your insert command to check if
> there is a warning and roll back the changes - similar to the java mysql
> interface. I haven't used mysqli and perhaps this is addressed in that ?

I doubt it.

> Using sqlyog (3rd party mysql gui) to run the sql also provides no
> warning message but running it on the command line provides the "1 row
> affected, 1 warning message" With data validation and check this data
> too large situation should never happen but surely php should pay
> attention to the warnings too ?

It's not a php problem. Mysql should throw proper errors instead of a 'warning'.

If you assign a value to a BLOB or TEXT column that exceeds the data
type's maximum length, the value is truncated to fit and a warning is

Same for char/varchar & binary fields
(http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/4.1/en/binary-varbinary.html and

You will get the same "problem" in other languages I'm sure (try it in
python, perl, ruby).

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