I've never worked with FileMaker before, but a quick Google
(http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/php.html) tells me you need
to get a copy of the FileMaker API for PHP, if you're not using Windows that
is. If you are using Windows you can use ODBC

If your database is only interfaced by a website I'd recommend using a
database system that is supported by PHP (MySQL would be a good option).
There might of course be other options out there that I'm not aware of.

Good luck,

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Happy Friday All!

We presently have an order form online (using php5) that feeds into a
FileMaker 9 database.  What we are trying to do is:

If someone clicks on "cell phone" (checkbox), a new box of fields shows
under it requiring additional info that feeds into a new table in the
database (one order number to many cell phones).  Once they fill in that
data (action:add/chg/delete, user name, cell number, userid, etc), there
should be a button for "more lines" that they can click that will give
them another line to enter info on.  Once that info is entered and they
are done, those fields of info go to the other table, while the original
form info goes to the orders table.

I am at the point in programming php where I know something CAN be done
... but HOW to do it can be the puzzler!  Any assistance or examples
would be greatly appreciated.  I can send the form and processing page
to anyone offlist if requested.



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