I posted an issue to the mysql dev forums last week with regards to an
issue we are encountering.  The issue as we understood it last week was
simple...after some time (undetermined as of then) query results from
the web app (a PHP/MySQL/Javascript Ajax app.) would come back all
'wonky.'  Upon issuing a mysql-server restart the data would be fine,
and query results back to normal.  This morning I figured out how to
replicate the issue.  Issue a double request for the mysql result set.
Due to the "Ajaxy" nature of my web app it isn't the same as a double
HTTPRequest of POST, as it is requesting a result set back from the
database twice in a row before the response is collected.

We run Apache 2.2 on FreeBSD 6.1.x, I am currently running MySQL
5.0.x....given the fact that I can repeat and reproduce the problem by
either hitting my refresh button twice, or by hitting my javascript/Ajax
button twice before I get my first response....can anyone point me in a
direction to narrow down why my code might be doing this?  I am using
PDO with prepared statements and MySQL stored procedures to produce my
result sets... if you asked me yesterday, I'd have said I wasn't doing
any thing that MySQL couldn't handle...but apparently that isn't the

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