Roberto Mansfield wrote:
> Folks,
> I was looking at rewriting some old DB classes using PDO with the Oracle
> driver, but I'm a bit confused about the current state of things. Some
> docs said the PDO Oracle driver was experimental and subject to change.
> I also had a hard time trying to get the driver to compile against
> Oracle's instant client. Are people using PDO and Oracle in production
> environments? Am I just being dense and unable to find a guide to
> compile against the instant client?  Thanks for the input.
> Roberto

Hi Roberto,

I still recommend using OCI8 over PDO_OCI.  OCI8 has performance
benefits, has been around for a while and is relatively stable.

You only have to scan the generic PDO bug list to see the number of
issues with the generic PDO layer and many of the PDO_xxx drivers.

Having said that, there is gradual work being done on PDO and I would
encourage people to pound on it.  I'm calling 2008 "the year of PDO".
Sure hope I don't have to change that to "2009"!

What are the configure problems?


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