Christopher Jones wrote:
> Roberto Mansfield wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I was looking at rewriting some old DB classes using PDO with the Oracle
>> driver, but I'm a bit confused about the current state of things. Some
>> docs said the PDO Oracle driver was experimental and subject to change.
>> I also had a hard time trying to get the driver to compile against
>> Oracle's instant client. Are people using PDO and Oracle in production
>> environments? Am I just being dense and unable to find a guide to
>> compile against the instant client?  Thanks for the input.
>> Roberto
> Hi Roberto,
> I still recommend using OCI8 over PDO_OCI.  OCI8 has performance
> benefits, has been around for a while and is relatively stable.
> You only have to scan the generic PDO bug list to see the number of
> issues with the generic PDO layer and many of the PDO_xxx drivers.
> Having said that, there is gradual work being done on PDO and I would
> encourage people to pound on it.  I'm calling 2008 "the year of PDO".
> Sure hope I don't have to change that to "2009"!
> What are the configure problems?

Thanks for the feedback. I had some initial problems compiling PDO_OCI
against oracle's instant client. A couple symlinks fixed those error:

cd $instant_client_home
ln -s lib .
ln -s sdk/include .

One OCI feature not implemented in PDO_OCI is bind_array_by_name(). I'm
using that to pass arrays to procedures so that means I can't use PDO
for now.


Roberto Mansfield
Institutional Research and Application Development (IRAD)
SAS Computing

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