VanBuskirk, Patricia wrote:
I have a "customer description" text area field on my form which feeds through 
php to FMP,
What's FMP? Is that what links this email to the db-list?
 and spits out a confirmation page and email.  The issue I am having is this ... as 
the customer types, the text wraps.  Many put their own hard returns and spaces in to 
organize their description.  It seems I can't get it to do both the wrap and show the 
actual formatting entered.  If I format the field as physical wrap, the lines run off 
the page on the confirmation/printout.  If I format it as virtual, then the hard 
returns, etc get lost.  I have also tried using <PRE> on the confirmation page 
and email and that doesn't work either.
Line wrapping in a text area is a property of the text area, not of the text, as opposite to line breaks and hard returns. This is why you won't find line break characters at the place the text used to wrap in the text area.

What you can do of course is to add a div (or whatever container you feel like) of the same width / height as the text area to the confirmation page and replace \l\r with br 's.

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