I have a "customer description" text area field on my form which feeds through 
php to FMP, and spits out a confirmation page and email.  The issue I am having 
is this ... as the customer types, the text wraps.  Many put their own hard 
returns and spaces in to organize their description.  It seems I can't get it 
to do both the wrap and show the actual formatting entered.  If I format the 
field as physical wrap, the lines run off the page on the 
confirmation/printout.  If I format it as virtual, then the hard returns, etc 
get lost.  I have also tried using <PRE> on the confirmation page and email and 
that doesn't work either.

Hmmm... scratching head!

Patricia Van Buskirk
Florida State University, Office of Telecommunications
644 W. Call Street
Tallahassee, FL  32306-1120
(850) 644-9247

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