Am I right in thinking that exec() executes a string as a call to a program which executes in a shell? So am I to write:

$callthis="the contents of my rsynch file";



ioannes wrote:
OK, so how would I hand over the list of files from php to the script? And am I right that I would write the rsynch code in a text file called anything.txt and the

at the start of the line is what calls up the rsynch program, unlike php where you need to call it something.php - though I have never questioned that assumption. Or is there a way to call rsynch from the same scrpit that php is in? I can't visualise it.



Mr Webber wrote:
The pattern in you --include-from=FILE_CONTAINING_FILENAME_PATTERNS could be just a list of files that you can generate from your PhpScript. Get it now?


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