> The Database is created on PC A... I'm working on PC B... and my
> problem is that i am not able to connect to the PC A Database using
> the IP address as a host (since the database is not on my machine).
> but if i'm on PC A i can connect with the localhost.
> The question is that: do i need any configuration so i can access the
> database?

First things first: This has nothing to do with PHP itself, it's just a
configuration issue.

You need to check the following things: Is your configuration on PC B set up
to the right IP (as host), db, username and password? On PC A, what host is
associated with the user? If it's localhost, it won't work. I think that you
can set up the same user for localhost and any host with different
passwords, make sure that's not the case (or that you have the right
password on PC B). Finally, do any firewalls on PC B or PC A or other
network constraints let the communication through?

This is all fairly basic, but I hope it helps.


Matthias Willerich

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