Chances are that the port on PC A is blocked for the DB service. Or that
your DB server has been configured to not to accepp connections ffrom the

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--> Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP help question
--> To whom it may concern
--> I'm working on a network, i don't have internet access and the
--> application i'm working on is not published online.
--> Platform used: PHP with MySQL.
--> The Database is created on PC A... I'm working on PC B... and my
--> problem is that i am not able to connect to the PC A Database using
--> the IP address as a host (since the database is not on my machine).
--> but if i'm on PC A i can connect with the localhost.
--> The question is that: do i need any configuration so i can access the
--> database?
--> Waiting for your reply
--> Regards,
--> Rudy.
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