Chris Carter wrote:
Is there something that has changed in the new MySql DB ?

What new mysql? Has your host upgraded your database version or something?

Mysql won't change the interface between versions except to improve it.

I am trying to upload a data like this from my CSV file to a table through
CSV upload and not CSV Load Data:

Eh? You're using the csv table type or how are you importing the data?


Parameters I am using are:

Fields Terminated By: ,
Fields Enclosed By: _ (space character)
Fields Escaped By: _ (space character)

Every time I am getting this error: Invalid field count in line 1

If you're using spaces for enclosing then I'm sure you're not handling something properly.

Chris,Carter,[EMAIL PROTECTED] <-- 3 records
Chris Carter,[EMAIL PROTECTED] <-- 2 records

The second one is probably going to break because of the space in the middle of the name.

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