Hi guys,

sorry for spamming your mailing list.

I have a strange problem with ocibindbyname():
I use this simple code to start an SQL query:

$sql = "Select * from projekte_generisch where pid=:data";
$conn = oci_connect("secret", "secret", "secret");
$cur = oci_parse($conn, $sql);
my_dump($conn, $cur, $sql);

$pid = "einepid";
my_dump(ocibindbyname($cur, ":data", $pid));

print '<table border="1">';
  while ($row = oci_fetch_array($cur, OCI_RETURN_NULLS)) {
    print '<tr>';
       foreach ($row as $item) {
         print '<td>'.($item?htmlentities($item):'&nbsp;').'</td>';
       print '</tr>';
print '</table>';

But this query doesn't give me any data record  (no error; empty resultset).

When I use
$sql = "Select * from projekte_generisch where pid='einepid'";
php returns the data record I'm searching for.

What could be the reason? Is there any bug in ocibindbyname or am I
using it the wrong way.

When I use adodb (http://adodb.sf.net) I get the same error:
Using :variable in my query doesn't work but putting the string directly
into the query string it works fine.

What the f*** am I doing wrong?
Any hints are appreciated.


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