> And here is the output of "desc projekte_generisch":
> Name  Null?   Type
> PID           NOT NULL        CHAR(8)
> ANFANG        NOT NULL        VARCHAR2(8)
> ENDE                          VARCHAR2(8)
> LAENGE        NOT NULL        NUMBER

I believe the problem has to do with your field type for PID. When you run:

  select * FROM  projekte_generisch where pid='u0test'

Oracle either autotrims or autopads (I'm not sure which) so that
'u0test' matches PID even though PID has a fixed 8-character length. But
when you use bind variables, this doesn't happen. So you'll need to use:

  select * FROM  projekte_generisch where trim(pid)=:pid

Or you can change the field definition on PID to varchar2.

I tested this on one of our tables which has a char(4) primary key to
verify all this:

  select count(*) from subject_area where subject_area = 'EE';

returns 1. But using a bind variable:

    v_sa  varchar2(10);
    v_count number;
    v_sa := 'EE';
    select count(*) into v_count
      from subject_area where subject_area = v_sa;

returns a 0.


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