I did not say: do not ask on this list.
I said: you would get BETTER answers if you asked on a MySQL list.


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If U don’t know about that then u can ignore that mail. U need not to answer
each and every mails in this list.

MOST of the PHP developer are using MYSQL as backend. 


That’s Y I sent that message to phpresources  list also.






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Not trying to be an ass, but wouldn't you get better answers if you asked in
a MySQL list?


I work with PHP, but have near to 0 experience with MySQL.



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Hello Everybody,


We have 6 multi-master MySql instances within a LAN , that are replicating
is a sequential manner.

Server Environment :  Six identical Linux Enterprise version 4 running,
servers with having MySQL version 6. 

we are using “MySQL multi-master replication” method for database


There is a delay (5-7 minutes) of that data replication process. 

We notice that it’s because of MySQL table locking.


Your comments are highly appreciated.



Many thanks in advance and best regards,


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