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First of all you must connect to the server and then perform an init to get a statement. Maybe you dropped that code out here... Please have a look at the manual page:


In order to get the result you also need to bind the result to a variable and then fetch the data.

I'll guess that your error comes from an unsuccessful initialization of your prepared statement.

If you don't want to include your primary key column that is autogenerated you just ignore it. That means to write a proper query like:

INSERT INTO legioCurrent (column_1, column_2, ...)
VALUES (?,?,...)

I was not aware with prepared statements you could do it that way... Thank you! Once I added that it worked like a charm! Not quite sure how I missed that on the manuel page though...

I would also like to propose for you to use the object oriented style, since it's more readable and easier to get an overview of.

I have never been able to understand OO code... For me the procedural code is much easier to read.

You also don't need to mess around with so many parameters.

What do you mean by this?


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