Jeff88 wrote:
> Hi,
> Good Day! I have problem in getting the PHP 5.2.6 to integrate with MYSQL
> 5.0.51b. I had done the following installations and configurations on
> Windows XP (SP2):
> 1. Installed APACHE 2.0.63 - running fine
> 2. Installed PHP 5.2.6 - running fine
> 3. Configured httpd.conf and php.ini - PHP and APACHE is talking. I had
> tested with phpinfo(), both PHP and APACHE info displayed
> 4. Installed MYSQL 5.0.51b - running fine
> 5. I had done the followings try to get PHP5 talking to MYSQL:
>       a. uncommented extension=php_mysql.dll in php.ini

Did you restart apache?

Stupid question I know but best to check.

Any errors in the apache logs?

Did you edit the right php.ini file? Look at the phpinfo() page and see
which file it's loading from.

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