While sempsteen is correct, you can achieve the correct effect in this
simple scenario by checking the return value of the confirm button.

<input type="submit" value="Delete Record" onsubmit="return confirm ('Are you 
sure you want to delete this record!!');" />

And then check for the submit...
This is prone to a lot of problems though if this is your only security measure.

You might want to check out this library if you want to do this type of thing 
often and have useful interaction:

Thank you,
Micah Gersten
onShore Networks
Internal Developer

sempsteen wrote:
> It seems you've a long way to go. Here is what i can say for you.
> First of all PHP and JavaScript are two different programming
> languages, running in different environments. JavaScript is a
> client-side language which your browser interprets it with the page is
> loaded. PHP is a server-side language which gets your source code,
> interprets it and sends to the browser. There is no any connection
> with these two languages. So you cannot write a PHP code and bind it
> to a JavaScript code.
> You can only make an HTTP request to PHP page by either redirecting or
> you can make AJAX requests.
> Good luck.
> On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Nasreen Laghari
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am printing a java script warning message. On pressing OK button, I want
>> to run an sql query. Below is the way I have tried but sql query is running
>> either press OK or Cancel button on warning message or even refresh the page
>> (F5). Also redirection, when press OK, also not working.
>> Am I using the right approach? Could any 1 please help me to sort this
>> problem.
>> Regards,
>> Nasreen
>> <tr><td>
>> <input type="button" onClick="var answer = confirm ('Are you sure you want
>> to delete this record!!')
>>  if (answer)
>>  {
>>   <?php
>>    $sqldel = "DELETE FROM artist where aid = '$id'";
>>    mysql_query($sqldel) or die(mysql_error());
>>    //header("Location: artist.php");
>>    //window.location="http://www.yahoo.com/";
>>   ?>
>>  }
>>  else
>>  {
>>   window.location='index.php'
>>   }" value="DELETE">
>> </td></tr>

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