Walter Galvão wrote:

Im using the oracle instant client basic in my php app, with apache server.
When a query returns few rows, there is no problem.
Otherwise, the oci_execute method doesn return any records neither errors!
How can i solve this problem??

My implementation:

function executarSQL($conn, $stmt, $consulta){
 echo "<br><br>Execute...";

 $r = oci_execute($stmt);

 if (!$r) {
  $erro = oci_error($stmt);
  trataErroSQL($conn, $consulta, $erro, "execute");
 echo "<br><br>Fim do Execute...";
 return $r;

What version of PHP?  What version of Instant Client?  What version of
the DB?

Are you exceeding the PHP script time out, or exceeding the memory

Is there an error from oci_parse or your fetch call?

Which fetch call are you using?

Does your error occur when there are lots of rows, or only when your
query contains a certain kind of datatype?


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