Hi all,

Using php 5.2.6 + oci driver 1.3.4 from pecl

Has anyone had any issues with the oci8 driver performance?

I'm doing some profiling using xdebug and all of the time seems to be spent in oci_execute and oci_fetch_array. This shows up when I use jmeter to hit the app pretty hard.

The data being returned is quite small (returning < 10 rows) and the queries themselves are fast when run manually (or even through a separate script). They are fetching a lot of columns however.

I eventually found the http://php.net/oci_internal_debug function and it shows a lot of "OCIAttrGet" calls.

When I look at the oracle side of things, it's processing a lot of stuff but it's not out of control.

I'm not sure what else to include so any suggestions/comments etc are most welcome.

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