Chris wrote:
> Hi all,
> Using php 5.2.6 + oci driver 1.3.4 from pecl
> Has anyone had any issues with the oci8 driver performance?
> I'm doing some profiling using xdebug and all of the time seems to be
> spent in oci_execute and oci_fetch_array. This shows up when I use
> jmeter to hit the app pretty hard.
> The data being returned is quite small (returning < 10 rows) and the
> queries themselves are fast when run manually (or even through a
> separate script). They are fetching a lot of columns however.
> I eventually found the function and it
> shows a lot of "OCIAttrGet" calls.
> When I look at the oracle side of things, it's processing a lot of stuff
> but it's not out of control.
> I'm not sure what else to include so any suggestions/comments etc are
> most welcome.
> Thanks.

The oci_execute & oci_fetch_array calls will take the bulk of the time
because there isn't much else to do for a query.  Execution will, of
course, take time while the DB is processing the query.  So eliminate
the DB configuration, character set conversion, etc as a cause first.

The OCIAttrGet call are "local" calls and not the relatively expensive
"round-trip" calls to the DB.

Your comment about a lot of columns doesn't match the test you sent me
offline: it only queries two columns.


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