Okay, on the command line, then connect, and then select your database, what's the error message it gives?


On 10/21/2008 11:06 AM, Stan wrote:
So ... if I enter "mysql -h mysqlServer -u stan -p" and then enter the 
password, I get connected without a problem ... I get the mysql client prompt.

And the mysql_connect() statement in my code does not "die".

But the mysql_select_db() statement in my code does "die".

"Micah Stevens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try it on the command line from the webserver:

mysql -h hostname -u Stan -p Password

See if that connect works.


On 10/21/2008 04:26 AM, Stan wrote:
Nope ... that wasn't it.

The mysql_connect() works.

It's the mysql_select_db() that's failing.

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