Ron Piggott wrote:
I am writing a blog application.

Table blog has the blog entries
Table blog_owners is the user profiles
Table blog_responses is responses to the blog entries

I am writing the module where the user approves or deletes user comments
when the blog entry is in 'moderated' mode.

I am trying to find out if I am retrieve 2 user profiles from
blog_owners with just one query --- the person who posted the blog entry
and the person who responded to it.

Use table aliases to show what's coming from where.

  blog_poster.username AS blog_poster,
  blog_reply.username as blog_reply
  blog b
inner join blog_owners blog_poster on (b.blog_owners_reference=blog_poster.reference) inner join blog_responses response on (response.blog_reference=b.reference)

I couldn't work out the rest but hopefully you get the idea ;)

If you "alias" a tablename, then you can reference it twice in the same query because you get "alias1" and "alias2" and you can easily see which is which.

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