I am writing a blog application.

Table blog has the blog entries
Table blog_owners is the user profiles
Table blog_responses is responses to the blog entries

I am writing the module where the user approves or deletes user comments
when the blog entry is in 'moderated' mode.

I am trying to find out if I am retrieve 2 user profiles from
blog_owners with just one query --- the person who posted the blog entry
and the person who responded to it.

"INNER JOIN `blog_owners` on blog_owners.reference =
blog_responses.comments_blog_owners_reference" makes the query not work,
because I have already INNER JOIN blog_owners .  But this time I am
trying to retrieve the blog comment creators profile.  The
blog_responses table has a column comments_blog_owners_reference which
is the reference (auto_increment) value in the blog_owners table.  

How can I do this in just 1 query / do I need to query the database a
second time?

SELECT * FROM ( ( `blog` INNER JOIN `blog_owners` on
blog.blog_owners_reference = blog_owners.reference ) INNER JOIN
`blog_responses` on blog_responses.blog_reference = blog.reference )
INNER JOIN `blog_owners` on blog_owners.reference =
blog_responses.comments_blog_owners_reference WHERE
`blog`.`blog_owners_reference` =$user_reference AND
`blog_responses`.`approved_for_display` =0 ORDER BY
`blog_responses`.`date` ASC, `blog_responses`.`blog_reference` ASC LIMIT

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