OCI8 Support    enabled
Version         1.3.4
Revision        $Revision: $
Active Persistent Connections   0
Active Connections      0
Compile-time ORACLE_HOME        no value          <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Libraries Used  no value
Temporary Lob support   enabled
Collections support     enabled

Directive       Local Value     Master Value
oci8.connection_class   no value        no value
oci8.default_prefetch   100     100
oci8.events     Off     Off
oci8.max_persistent     -1      -1
oci8.old_oci_close_semantics    Off     Off
oci8.persistent_timeout -1      -1
oci8.ping_interval      60      60
oci8.privileged_connect Off     Off
oci8.statement_cache_size       20      20


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