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> OK, sounds good, what am I looking for?  I don't see the module being
> declared in my php.ini file on either of my servers.
> Alex
> Fortuno, Adam wrote:
>> Alex:
>> It sounds like the MySQL extension module isn't loading. Here are some
>> things to confirm:
>>  - Ensure the module is declared in your php.ini file
>>  - If it exists in the php.ini, confirm the module is located and named
>> as stated in the php.ini file.
>>  - If the module is named and located in the proper place, check your
>> permissions on that extension. You want to make sure whatever is running
>> your sight can access the module.
>> I hope this helps!
>> A-
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>> Subject: [PHP-DB] Yet another Call to Undefined Function help request
>> Hi all,
>> PLEASE, don't just toss the e-mail... I think I have a unique enough
>> situation to warrant this e-mail.
>> First, I have searched the mailing lists for the answer to my problem.
>> I have also tried to find the answer through the documentation, but have
>> been unsuccessful.  Mailing lists are always my last resort.
>> Here's the situation.  I have an *old* Cobalt Raq appliance with Apache
>> 1.3.20 and an older version of mysql on it.  I have a customer that
>> wants to use a database on his website, and rather than update this old,
>> unsupported appliance and possibly break something, or go through the
>> hassle of moving this customer with 100+ e-mail addresses to a different
>> server, we have
>> installed a new, dedicated mysql server to use system-wide for any of
>> our customers, and ourselves, to use as a db server.  This seemed like a
>> good idea at the time, and I think it will work well once we figure out
>> the bugs here.
>> Now, everything was going swimmingly, until we tried to access the db
>> with php on a web page (which is where we got the call to undefined
>> function). It was an old version of php, so I thought I'd upgrade, not as
>> scary as
>> upgrading all three pieces of software.  No resolution there.  I
>> compiled it with mysql support, but still get the undefined function
>> error.  Now, on
>> the new db server, phpinfo reports a whole section on mysql.  On this
>> older server, there is no mysql section in phpinfo.  I can log in and
>> access
>> the databases remotly from the Cobalt server using command line mysql; I
>> would like to try this at cli using php but don't know how.
>> I am obviously missing something and I can't find the answer anywhere,
>> other than "reinstall apache, mysql, and php", which is kind of scary on
>> a server this old that is running as well as it is.  Not only that, but my
>> ego is kicking in here and I would really like to understand what the
>> problem is rather than just reinstalling everything... That just seems too
>> M$ to
>> me.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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In the new version of php, mysql is not enabled by default. Check the ini
file for the modules section and ensure that the mysql is uncommented.



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