I used to use oci8 version 1.2.3 and I wanted to update to last
version (1.3.4). Everything works fine except the fact that
"sqlnet.ora" does not seems to be read.

I use the following string to describe my database in oci_connect: "MEN1PRD".

In sqlnet.ora there is the parameter NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN which is set
to "WORLD".

In the tnsname.ora I have a full definition for "MEN1PRD.WORLD".

With oci8 1.2.3, it worked but since I upgraded to 1.3.4 this is not
the case anymore. I have to use the same ID in oci_connect and
tnsname.org. The sqlnet.ora NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN does not seem to be
used anymore.

The version of php (5.2.3) is still the same, the configure options
are the sames, the oracle lib is the same (9.2) and the php.ini
parameters are the same too. I just changed the oci8 version.

Has anyone the same problem ? Is this a normal behaviour ? If yes, why
and is there a workaround ?

Thanks for your answers.

++ Jerome

Reproduce code:
Piece of code which used to work (version 1.2.3) and doesn't work
anymore (version 1.3.4):
$conn = oci_connect('EDUCATION', 'manager', 'MEN1PRD');

Piece of code which works (version 1.3.4):
$conn = oci_connect('EDUCATION', 'manager', 'MEN1PRD.WORLD');

Content of sqlnet.ora (which is in the same directory as tnsname.ora):

Contenat of tnsname.ora
        ( ADDRESS = ( PROTOCOL = TCP )( HOST = host1 )( PORT = 1521 ) )
        ( ADDRESS = ( PROTOCOL = TCP )( HOST = host2 )( PORT = 1521 ) )
        ( LOAD_BALANCE = yes )
        ( CONNECT_DATA =
                ( SERVER = DEDICATED )
                ( SERVICE_NAME = SN_MEN1PRD )

Expected result:
The connexion is made to the database

Actual result:
[Mon Feb 16 18:05:14 2009] [error] [client] PHP Warning:
oci_connect() [<a href='function.oci-connect'>function.oci-connect</a>]:
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name in /var/www/docs/test1.php
on line 2

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